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Restore Her Dignity | Royalty World

restore her dignity

RoyaltyWorld Foundation, dedicated to empowering girls, breaking taboos, and providing sanitary kits for every girl in need.


The Restore Her Dignity Program, under the auspices of the RoyaltyWorld Foundation, is a holistic initiative committed to empowering girls, dispelling taboos, and ensuring access to essential menstrual resources. The program encompasses three pivotal events. First, the Royalty Period Party acts as a platform for fostering parental bonds, promoting open communication, and educating girls on menstrual health. Secondly, the Royalty Daycare Center (RDC) serves as a nurturing space for young children, fostering their cognitive and social development while offering support to working mothers. Finally, the Bolifamba Play Day encourages community engagement and play-based learning, fostering holistic development in a fun and inclusive environment. Through these events, the Restore Her Dignity Program exemplifies the RoyaltyWorld Foundation’s unwavering dedication to fostering gender equality and providing vital support to girls in need.

what:period poverty

Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints. In 2017, a survey (Plan international) reported that 1 in 10 girls is unable to afford sanitary products; 1 in 7 had to borrow sanitary wear from a friend due to affordability issues; 1 in 10 had to improvise sanitary wear. Period poverty is not limited to those who cannot afford sanitary products due to limited finances, but also includes those who have limited access to such products which implies prolonged use of sanitary products leading to infection and lack of education. Access to sanitary products, safe hygienic spaces in which to use them and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma is essential for anyone who menstruates (Action Aid- UK).

Why: To provide sanitary kits to every adolescent girl.

Ø  To protect and preserve the dignity of the girl child
Ø  To break the taboo and stigma around menstruation.
Ø  Normalize period conversations between adolescent girls, boys and parents.
Ø  Empowering adolescent girls to fulfill their dreams without being held back.
Ø  To educate adolescent girls on safe menstrual hygiene practices.
Ø  Teach them how to calculate their periods so as to make informed sexual decisions.
Ø  To provide sanitary products to every adolescent girl who cannot afford or lacks access to them so as to reduce associated health risks and exposure to abuse
Ø  Immediate Goal: Produce and Distribute menstrual hygiene kits (Papilio pad and My First Period) to 10,000 adolescent girls by May 2022.

how:Dignity Ambassadors

A team of advocates who desire to address and end period poverty. It is open to everyone who is passionate about supporting vulnerable adolescent girls by helping them experience their periods with dignity. We will be promoting the cause to address period poverty in Cameroon. We have a goal to educate and provide every girl with Papilio washable Sanitary pads ensuring menstruation with no stains, no shame and no stigma. We encourage dignity ambassadors to set up advocacy and fundraising teams locally in their communities. 



It is very comfortable, money-saving, eco-friendly, sustainable, and washable sanitary pad produced from high quality fabric made in Cameroon. It is environmentally friendly, and it is produced from fabric by local Cameroonian women who are predominantly single mothers. Apart from its high quality, its production provides jobs for over 20 vulnerable women.

Royalty Period Party

Dedicating a special day to all queens out there in our royalty period party


The “Royalty Period Party” convened 66 girls and their parents, aiming to foster parental bonds and facilitate open communication. Throughout the event, girls shared their initial menstruation experiences, highlighting the transformative impact of gaining menstrual knowledge. Expert-led presentations covered puberty, menstruation, and sexual reproductive health, dispelling myths and emphasizing the importance of responsible sexual practices. The emotional highlight emerged during the parent-daughter bonding session, where heartfelt displays of affection deepened familial connections. Participants exchanged pledges, fostering ongoing dialogue between parents and daughters. The event culminated in the presentation of “First Dignity Bags,” containing essential menstrual items and symbolic tokens of support, underscoring the event’s success in nurturing both understanding and intimacy within families.

Royalty Period Party Report

To read more about the royalty period party you can hit the download button to download the report.

Support the Royalty Period Party

Join us in empowering girls by supporting the upcoming Royalty Period Party. Your contribution will help us provide vital resources and education to young girls, fostering their confidence and overall well-being

Royalty Daycare Center

A haven dedicated to the nurturing and  growth of your little ones


The Royalty Daycare Centre is a compassionate initiative designed to support single, teenage mothers, working women, and vulnerable families in crisis-hit communities, particularly the Bolifamba community in Buea. Its primary objectives are to provide a secure environment for children aged 0-3 and offer after-school assistance for kids below 11, nurturing their development and academic progress. With a strong focus on holistic education, the centre instills essential life skills, creativity, and leadership qualities through various engaging activities such as dance, piano classes, and spelling drills. With the community facing challenges due to internal displacement and the socio-political crisis, the daycare addresses critical needs, enabling mothers to pursue their aspirations while ensuring a nurturing environment for the children’s growth and development. Since its inception in January 2022, the centre has welcomed over 30 children, serving as a supportive haven for families in need, contributing to the community’s overall well-being and development.

Royalty Daycare Center Report

To read more about the royalty daycare centeryou can hit the download button to download the report

Support the Royalty Daycare Center

Join us in supporting the Royalty Daycare Center and the Restore Her Dignity Programt. Donate now and be a part of our transformative mission.

Bolifamba Play Day

An exciting event that promises a day filled with fun and entertainment


The Bolifamba Play Day, situated in the conflict-affected Bolifamba community of Buea, Cameroon, was a vibrant event organized by Royalty World Foundation, supported by partners including Orange Cameroon. The event aimed to foster social cohesion, build trust, and celebrate local talent, drawing together over 700 youths, women, men, and children. Featuring an array of engaging activities, from football matches to creative contests, the event showcased the diversity and creativity of the Bolifamba youth. With 62 audience members and 30 enthusiastic contestants, the event generated palpable excitement and joy. Supported by local fan clubs, the Christ Ambassador Praise Trumpeters, and the generous contributions of mothers preparing traditional African dishes, the Bolifamba Play Day provided a dynamic and memorable experience for all attendees. The event culminated in a heartwarming talent exhibition and worship night, recognizing the exceptional talents of community members and fostering a spirit of unity and hope.

Bolifamba Play Day Report

To read more about the Bolifamba play day you can hit the download button to download the report

Support the Bolifamba Play Day

Support the Bolifamba Play Day. Donate Now. Discover the power of play and community engagement at the Bolifamba Play Day.

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