13 years old

Date of Birth: 16/12/2008 Age: 13
Place of Birth: PENAMBOCO
Gender: Female
Your career path: MUSICIAN
Name of School: C.B.C
How many years is the program? SEVEN YEARS
Class performance for previous school year:
AVG 13.80
Why do you choose your area of study? That is because I understand it better and that is what I do best in school

My name is Bache Kelly, I am 13years old and i live in mile 16 Bolifamba. I am in class 6. My mother died 4years ago and my
father is alive but does not care about us. I have an elder sister and after we lost our mother, life became very challenging for us since we had to provide all our expenses by ourselves. So during this period a lady decided to take us in as her own children. She does small scale farming which could only feed us and as a result for over 2years now I have not been able to go school. I want to become a musician and I like cooking, dancing and singing because those are the activities that makes me happy but I dislike playing a lot.