22 years old

Date of Birth:
09/05/1999 Age: 22
Place of Birth:
MUYUKA Gender: Female
Tel: 679265133
Email: abialindaawi@gmail.com
Your career path: Medical Doctor
How many years is the program? FOUR YEARS
Class performance for previous school year:
GPA: 3.36
Why do you choose your area of study?I choose to become a Medical Doctor because I am compassionate about health and also because the communities are contracting some diseases because they cannot care for their environment, so I want to teach them.

My names are ABIA LINDA AWI and I am 21 years old born on the 9th of May 1999. I am an advanced level certificate holder since the academic year 2018/2019,and I lived in MUYUKA in a community in the South West Region of Cameroon with my mother for 13 years. I come from a separated home meaning that my father and my mother separated after giving birth to me for reasons I don’t know. I have a total of 8 siblings that is 4 from my father and 5 from my mother. My father is a bus driver and my mother is just a house wife.

For 13 years I was sponsored to school by my mother only because of the difference they had against each other. After finishing primary school, I went to secondary school and around Form 3, I decided that my father should be the one to sponsor me to school and I took such decision because my mother started having hard times sending me to school I terms of finance. By that my mother and I lived in MUYUKA. So after which I relocated to BUEA a town in the south west region of Cameroon still and was living with my father. So he sponsored till I had my Advance Level and after which he was internally displaced and also lost his job as a result of the crisis that broke out in the Anglophone region of Cameroon.

After my Advance Level going to school became a challenge because my father had financial difficulties till now and I have not been able to continue schooling into the university and for my mother, she does not do anything to earn a living and could not help my present situation of not going to school. And it has been over a year now that I have not been to school because of the financial difficulties.

I like watching movies, listening to news and inspirational messages. I am a Christian and I love the word of God. I dislike being idle and doing nothing.

Since childhood my dreams has been to be a medical Doctor. I am passionate about health care services. I am planning to work with Royalty World in helping with health education program under Restore Her Dignity. I choose the Medical field of study because it is an occupation that is out to help at protecting, promoting and restoring good health ofthe people in the world with a focus on identifying, diagnosing and treating illness by using scientific and highly specialized knowledge. Thatis something I enjoy, spending my life to serve others.
Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.